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Multi-Tool Pen

Multi-Tool Pen

Those in the market for a new multi-tool already have plenty of choice, but Mininch aims to stand out from the crowd with its Tool Pen: a screwdriver-like tool which draws inspiration from a 1980s kid's pencil and can carry six bits in its barrel.

The Tool Pen is made from aluminum, and is available in silver, champagne, or gunmetal. It measures 15 cm (6.2 in) long and 1.75 cm (0.68 in) in diameter – so it's bigger than your average pen, but still pocketable.

With the six bits inside, the total weight of the tool comes to 93 grams (3.2 ounces). The side of the barrel includes windows, which allow the user to work out where the required bit is, and there's also a magnet-secured lid to stop you stabbing yourself.

The bits are available in various sizes and come in slotted, Phillips, hexagon and star shapes. When you need to change one bit for another, it's pulled off and inserted down the back of the barrel – this action pushes out the next bit in the line. There's a ring in place to stop the bit popping out the back again when pressure is added. According to Mininch, the mechanism used draws inspiration from the "Pop-A-Point" pen and pencil line from the 80s.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 14 July 2014

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