Tray That Thaws Frozen Foods Faster

Defrost frozen meats in a fraction of the time—and without hot water or electricity—with the ThawTHAT! II defrosting tray.

The ThawTHAT! II is made of anodized aluminum and features an "energy reservoir" equipped with heat-pipes and a bio-safe thermo liquid. The liquid actively draws the cold away from any item placed on the surface of the tray, drastically reducing the thawing time. The ThawTHAT! II is also designed with a gently concave surface that allows liquids to flow into the built-in drip catcher.

In tests, the ThatTHAT!II proved able to thaw a 9 oz. steak in just 13 minutes (compared to 28 minutes on the kitchen counter top).

Source: ideaconnection.comAdded: 25 September 2014