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Jewelry Greetings

Jewelry Greetings

When a card alone is not enough to express how much you care, a Jewelry Greetings card takes your heartfelt expression to the next level with a wearable paper ring design that is the perfect fit for any occasion and any loving relationship.

Jewelry Greetings are a new concept in affectionate messaging because they allow the gift to be displayed by the recipient wherever she goes, keeping the “joy of receiving” in the forefront of her mind as well as gleefully displayed on her finger.

Graphic designer Oliver Hampel, and award-winning goldsmith Christiane Hampel, have been creating exquisite gold and silver jewelry in Naples, Florida since 2008. The couple decided to take their craft of fashioning jewelry to an even wider audience with the launch of their new Jewelry Greetings line of greeting cards with a fold-out, wearable ring. Their philosophy is that the greatest value of “jewelry” is the joy it brings to the recipient and the appreciation shown by the sender. Jewelry Greetings cards put a ring on the finger of every female recipient.

So the challenge for the artists was to find a way to express their love of using Earth’s elements of metals and jewels as wearable art, but shift to create a form of wearable “paper art” that also honored Earth’s beauty. That personal challenge was met with their creation of Jewelry Greetings cards in the form of delicate flowers or dancing hearts.

The Jewelry Greetings cards come in six designs and are crafted from richly-textured Strathmore Grandee felt paper. They have a perforation that the receiver punches out, folds into the paper ring, and displays the wearable greeting on her finger for all to appreciate.

Source: jewelrygreetings.comAdded: 7 November 2014

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