The Perfect High-Tech Carry-On Has No Zipper At All

Zippers are the worst part of carry-ons. They jam. They break. And if you're using a soft bag, they encourage you to overpack, which makes it nigh-impossible to quickly and easily open your bag to get something when you need it.

The zipper in luggage? It just needs to die. And we hope the Trunkster is the luggage design that kills it. Now on Kickstarter, it's a hard suitcase with a zipperless entry system that lets you open and close your luggage with a sliding door, which works just like a steel grate.

Trunkster also has the whole gaggle of gadgetry that today's cutting-edge suitcases tend to have: a built-in battery and USB port to charge your gadgets on the go, an internal GPS unit to tell you where the heck your luggage ended up when it doesn't come out on the conveyor belt at the end of your flight, and a digital scale that allows the Trunkster to weigh itself, helping you avoid troublesome baggage overfeed.

Source: fastcodesign.comAdded: 2 December 2014

Tags: travel