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Temperature Control Glove

Temperature Control Glove

If you’ve jogged in anything but ideal weather, you know how sensitive your hands become while en route. Cold weather bites your fingers, while overheating makes you feel clammy and waterlogged. Thermal gear can help with the cold issue, but often does so at the expense of your fingers growing too warm.

The Flux glove is a Kickstarted wearable that aims to solve this problem, a project described as “climate control for the hands.” Though it sounds deeply high-tech, the concept is simple. Each Flux glove includes an air-permeable mesh on the palm and fronts of the fingers.

If you close your hand, you cover the mesh. The air inside remains unmoved and temperature builds as the blood flow in your hands radiates heat. If you grow too warm, opening your hand exposes the mesh. Fresh air flows in, cooling the environment inside the glove.

Because your hands are among the most nimble and responsive parts of your body, you can control the temperature with high precision by partially opening or closing your hand.

In addition to the climate control feature, the gloves are lightweight —one 10th the weight of most running gloves—and made from durable, high-tech, flexible materials. Testing on the product included multiple iterations with infrared imaging to determine the best structure and makeup of the gloves.

Source: psfk.comAdded: 24 February 2015