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Find Your Belongings Using Augmented Reality

Find Your Belongings Using Augmented Reality

If you have a tendency to sometimes misplace your belongings, a new location tracking device called Pixie may be able to help you locate them a little quicker using augmented reality.

The Pixie sensors can be added to anything from your keys, wallet, smartphone or remote control to even providing data about your your pets location directly to the companion app on your smartphone.

“Pixie Points are the smartest, friendliest, most useful tags in the world, and the only ones that provide precise location. Each one contains our innovative signaling technology that enables the Pixies to communicate with our app, and with each other.

What you see is what you find. Your phone’s camera becomes a treasure map, where “x” marks the spot. Our platform reveals the location of any object – even through walls, down to inches.

Create individual kits with matching checklists and get notified when something is not where it is supposed to be. Pixify your luggage, your computer bag, anything.

IoT connects objects to the Internet – but it doesn’t know the actual whereabouts of anything. So we invented the Location of Things – a technology platform that knows where everything is, all the time. It’s mobile. It’s built to grow. And don’t worry, it’s totally private.”

For more information on the new Pixie sensors jump over to the official website for details and the ability to pre-order.

Source: geeky-gadgets.comAdded: 3 March 2015