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Billboard Helps Drivers Park

Billboard Helps Drivers Park

In some vehicles with bad visibility out the back and no rear sensors for help, parallel parking can get a little difficult. For drivers at one particular parking spot in Germany, though, it could hardly be easier. Fiat and advertising agency Leo Burnett Germany created an interactive billboard where a variety of characters assist drivers in parking.

Ultrasonic sensors that are attached to the other vehicles in the surrounding parking spots are the key to this novel idea. They monitor how close a driver's car is getting, and the character on the screen shows how much room is left before crashing. For some added visual interest, the helpers change each time, including a woman in a Playboy bunny outfit, an old man, a little girl, and others. The stunt looks quite inventive in this video and is meant to promote Fiat's Park Assist feature.

Source: autoblog.comAdded: 18 June 2015

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