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Free Sunscreen Dispensaries

Sunscreen dispensaries might become as ubiquitous as water fountains if the city officials of Boston and Miami Beach have anything to do about it. Both cities have been trialling free dispensaries of SPF 30 sunscreen as a measure to get more people to protect their skin.

In Miami, 50 dispensaries are dotted throughout the city, while this July 30 dispensaries were placed in popular parks around Boston including Boston Common. Neither program is currently coming at any cost to the taxpayers. The Boston sunscreen dispensaries were funded by skin-cancer organizations the Melanoma Foundation of New England and Make Big Change, while the Miami Beach dispensaries were gifted to the city for its centennial celebration in March 2015, a move sponsored by Mount Sinai Medical Center.

“Skin cancer and melanoma are among the most prevalent cancers and they’re also among the most preventable,” Matt O’Malley, the Boston city councilor who proposed the sunscreen initiative told local news station WBUR. “So, what we are doing in Boston is, we’re offering a service, we’re promoting public health and we’re reminding folks of the importance of sunscreen—at no cost to the taxpayer.”

Source: psfk.comAdded: 6 August 2015