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Modular Tent

Modular Tent

If you have ever wished for a more communal camping experience, you might want to check out these awesome POD tents from M2C Innovation. POD Tents can be built into multi-room units for festivals or big family events, with accessories that give each user control over the design. Completely weatherproof, these tents offer a cozy home outdoors, regardless of the weather.

POD Tents are rather palatial, with the Maxi design sleeping a maximum of eight people and the Mini up to four. Not only can connectors bring together multiple PODs, but internal sleeping cells can be purchased, creating miniature rooms for couples or kids. In a way, these tents can function as tiny homes out in the wilderness. The Maxi size POD is about 52 pounds and completely weatherproof, making for a comfortable excursion.

Source: inhabitat.comAdded: 13 August 2015

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