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Egg Map

The ‘egg map’ by Hungarian designer Dénes Sátor is an unusual tool for urban navigation. Designed for those tired of fighting a folding map for ten minutes between points or to avoid the difficulty of finding wifi for an outlet in the city the analog object fits in the palm of your hand and nestles comfortably in a pocket or backpack.

The map is made with rubber and internally filled with air. It can be dropped, stepped on, and thrown at a wall or angry locals. It’s also waterproof, enabling navigation even in the unfriendliest of conditions.

Information is printed directly onto the surface, with each city district separated into different colors. When in any particular area, the map can be zoomed in by squeezing the egg. When looking close-up, street information and nearby sights, public transport, and eateries become visible.

Source: designboom.comAdded: 27 August 2015

Tags: travel