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Flashlight Adjusts Its Beam Automatically

Flashlight Adjusts Its Beam Automatically

The Luxor 2 Adaptive Digital Focusing Flashlight will automatically adjust its beam based on where the light is being directed.

The flashlight is equipped with seven Cree LEDs controlled by proprietary circuitry and powered by a rechargeable 5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery with up to 65 hours of battery life. To achieve its adaptive focus, the Luxor 2 also features a 3-axis accelerometer able to detect the motion and orientation of the flashlight.

If the Luxor 2 is pointed at the ground, for example, the beam will widen for greater illumination, while pointing it at an object in the distance will cause the beam to narrow. And if the flashlight is set vertically on a surface, it will adjust its beam to illuminate the area like a lantern.

Source: ideaconnection.comAdded: 2 November 2015