New Technology Lets Wave Riders Be The Board

Six years in the making, WaveWrecker is launching a specially designed wetsuit that changes the human shape into a hydrodynamic and streamlined wave catching machine – letting wave riders “Be The Board!”.

The WaveWrecker suit incorporates 11 built-in fins precisely placed to improve buoyancy, specifically targeted control surfaces to reduce drag, and rails to grab and hold waves – boosting performance to the extreme. The suit also uses proprietary neck and o-ring-like wrist closures, which prevent water intrusion, and neoprene thicknesses 2mm, 3mm and 4mm areas to maximize strength, mobility, buoyancy and comfort. Because of its buoyancy, WaveWrecker dramatically shortens the bodysurfing learning curve for beginners, and helps parents feel more confident about their kids’ safety in the water.

After testing the WaveWrecker suit, 2015 World Champion Bodysurfer Makena Magro commented, “I felt a lot faster in the water, and the suit’s added buoyancy made it much easier to concentrate on maneuvering across the face of the wave.” She added, “WaveWrecker let me spend less time and energy treading water, and focus on catching waves.”

WaveWrecker creator and San Diego resident Nick Gadler, a longtime bodysurfer, came up with the idea for the wave-riding suit while teaching his son to swim in their backyard pool. Exhausted, treading water in the deep end waiting for his son to swim over, Gadler grabbed some pool noodles to prop himself up and float in the water.

“It was then I thought, ‘Man, if I could be naturally buoyant like this in the ocean, imagine the waves I could catch’,” said Gadler. “It’s extremely rare that something totally new and never before seen comes along and completely changes the landscape, actually the waterscape, but WaveWrecker is transformative technology in motion – a complete game changer.”

Source: businesswire.comAdded: 21 January 2016

Tags: nature sports