Egg Packaging Mimics Mattress Springs

In recent years, cardboard has proven its worth as a versatile and inexpensive material thanks to the innovative minds that put it to use. From virtual reality headsets to lodges, bicycles, digital cameras, vacuum cleaners and even helmets, cardboard has shown that it can in fact be a sturdy enough resource to handle work beyond simple packaging. Designer Sichen Sun decided to prove this point once more in reimagining egg packaging that prevents shell-cracking bumps and shakes. The redesign is named EGG6, a 1:1 model has been made and tested viable.

Taking after the springs that provide cushioning in beds, the “mattress for eggs” is a playful experiment that rethinks classic egg containers.

“I experimented with how cuts in cardboard can affect its properties,” writes Sichen Sun. “And what would be a better evidence of softness than being able to hold six eggs?”

Produced by punching shapes into the cardboard material, Sun forms multiple spirals to entertain different purposes. She explains that loose spiral line cuts are tighter, stabler and harder, while thin cuts are lighter, softer and therefore more elastic. Combining both of these cuts, one on the top that forms a lid and one on the bottom that acts as a tray, the two work as buffers to alleviate bumps and shakes.

Source: psfk.comAdded: 11 February 2016

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