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Smart Rope Displays Jump Count In The Air

Smart Rope Displays Jump Count In The Air

Do you like to jump rope as part of your exercise routine? Let me introduce you to Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope, a jump rope with 23 LEDs embedded in the middle of the rope that light up in front of you to display your current jump count while you’re jumping, courtesy of the old persistence of vision effect.

You can pair it with a smartphone if you want to keep track of calories burned and other stats. So what we have here is a smart jump rope. About the only thing it doesn’t do is give you the words to those songs that girls sing when they Double Dutch.

This cool upgrade to the standard jump rope costs $90(USD). Or you can just get a rope for free and start jumping. You can count out loud if you want.

Source: technabob.comAdded: 24 March 2016

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