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Butter Spray

Butter Spray

Everything is better with butter on it, but to make sure you’re not overdoing it and putting yourself on the road to a heart attack, the Biēm Butter Sprayer lets you lightly dole out a stick of that golden deliciousness by almost instantly turning it into a spray.

Sprayable versions of margarine have existed for awhile, but why go the artificial route when the Biēm works with the same sticks of butter you already have on hand to cook and bake with? You just slide a stick into the sprayer, and a built-in motion sensor only turns on its internal heating element when you pick it up to use it.

That way only the butter you need gets heated to a gentle 95 degrees Fahrenheit just seconds after you grab the Biēm. A simple air pump blasts butter wherever you point the nozzle, so there are no chemical propellants at work here, or CO2 cartridges that constantly need changing. And cleaning is as easy as sticking it under a faucet.

Source: gizmodo.comAdded: 24 March 2016