Logos on chocolates

Chocolate Graphics chocolates have an embossed chocolate design and each chocolate is made using a process far more advanced than simply printing on chocolate. The Chocolate Graphics process is unique and results in a product that is 100% chocolate. Put Any Logo On Chocolate

Logo chocolates are ideal for hotels, product launches, thank you gifts to clients, promotional tools, served with coffee and even cake toppers! Companies will benefit as their customers will never forget them with this amazing chocolate promotional tool.

Chocolate Graphics uses a patent protected process to create chocolates that are not only delicious but are also a great talking point and marketing tool. The process involves embossing a logo, message or photo onto chocolates, using chocolate. The entire product is chocolate. This is a unique feature which results in a superior product. The most enjoyable way to make a profit is with chocolate.

Source: chocolategraphics.comAdded: 14 January 2006