In the constant war to keep birds well fed while ensuring small rodents starve comes the Rollerfeeder. Traditional methods of protecting bird feeders have used an "out of reach" approach where the home owner attempts to hang them in a place that's nearly impossible for small animals like squirrels to reach. Of course they somehow still manage to reach the feeder every time. The Rollerfeeder takes a different approach allowing you to place the feeder pretty much anywhere as long as it's off the ground. While the seed hopper on the inside stays upright and stationary at all times the outer housing of the feeder is free to spin around. When a squirrel jumps onto this outer shell their weight causes it to flip around sending the rodent on a one way trip to the ground. A set of weights on the bottom of the outer housing will then cause it to return its standard position allowing small birds to feed once again.

Source: solutions.comAdded: 19 December 2006

Tags: household