Flexible OLED screen

Universal Display Corporation's FOLED® flexible OLEDs are organic light emitting devices that are built on flexible substrates such as plastic or metallic foil. FOLED displays can offer significant performance advantages over LCD displays that are typically built on rigid glass substrates and contain a bulky backlight. FOLEDs Offer Revolutionary Features for Displays Ultra-lightweight, thin form: FOLEDs are thinner and lighter weight than other displays. This means that cell phones, portable computers, wall-mounted televisions and other products that use them can also be lighter and smaller. Durability: FOLEDs can also be more durable - less breakable and more impact resistant - than other displays. With glass breakage a major cause of display-containing product returns, this is a highly desirable commercial alternative. Flexibility: FOLEDs may be manufactured on a variety of substrates. FOLEDs built on optically-clear plastic films and thin, bendable metallic foils are currently under development at Universal Display Corporation. Such displays may be made to bend, flex and conform to many surfaces. Cost-effective processing: FOLED technology opens up prospects for high-throughput, roll-to-roll processing (R2R) of OLEDs in the future, providing the basis for their truly low-cost mass production.

Source: universaldisplay.comAdded: 3 January 2007