Name your car

As if it weren't enough to OWN a Porsche, you can now have YOUR name in place of the type designation. We are a nation that likes to personalize everything so maybe this business model is a good idea. It'll cost you though: $450 for the first 5 letters and $60 per letter after that. Texts can be made for all 911 models - Cayenne - Boxster and Cayman. They can manufacture your personalized text in the same colors as the type designation, in grey or black, chrome, or if you're going for the pimp look -- in gold. ( A chrome or gold name or text costs an additional $90 per letter.) Name Your Porsche suggests: "Let your creativity run wild and give your Porsche its own identity and a unique name. You can make up anything you want: 'made in Germany', 'back off', 'follow me' or 'have a nice day'... Or why not use the back of your Porsche to make a personal message like: 'no more Ferrari', 'my third', or 'thanks daddy'."

Source: nameyourporsche.comAdded: 5 January 2007

Tags: automotive