Asthma freedom snorkel

The Worlds first snorkel designed for Asthmatics! Giving you the ability to gain immediate and intuitive access to your medication while snorkeling. The Asthma Freedom Snorkel enables an asthmatic to simply insert their Metered Dose Inhaler canister (Puffer canister) into the body of the snorkel. This allows immediate, intuitive dispensing of their medication on demand, should it be required in the aquatic environment. The same dose of medication, as normally supplied when used as a standard asthma puffer is delivered into the airflow delivery pathway of the snorkel and is then inhaled by the user. When the snorkelling activity has concluded the user can simply extract their Metered Dose Inhaler canister and reinsert it into their standard puffer

Source: medidive.delvtech.comAdded: 5 January 2007