The Pumgo is a toy which will give you a complete workout


The PUMGO is all about the core. "Just balancing alone on the PUMGOworks your core strength, in addition to the pumping back and forth,because you have to distribute weight from one foot to the other whilestaying centered with your upper body which means your abs have to fireevery time to stabilize your torso", said Rick Mayo. Recently, RickMayo, who 15 years ago founded the first personal training center inAtlanta, North Point Personal Training, evaluated the PUMGO.Not surprisingly, the legs benefit the most from the PUMGO workout."It will work your gluts because your knees have to bend to balanceyourself, the four quadriceps muscles, your hamstrings because you haveto lean forward, and even a little bit of calf work as you shift yourbody weight between your heels and toes in order turn," said Mayo.The fun factor makes another appearance when it comes to calorieburning. While the PUMGO won't fire the heart up like running it willkeep it beating in the aerobic, or prime fat burning, zone. To reap thebenefits of that zone, however, you need to stay on the board for about30 minutes

Source: prweb.comAdded: 9 January 2007