Removable tattoo ink

Based on research done by scientists from MassachusettsGeneral Hospital and Duke University, a company called Freedom-2 LLC will start offering a tattoo ink that can be easily removed completely after just one laser treatment. Current methods of removing tattoos suffer from multipledisadvantages. The root cause is the inks that are mainly derived fromsubstances used in car paints and printing. Since these inks are meantto leave a permanent effect, removal involves multiple expensive lasertreatments and in many cases undesirable scarring. The Freedom-2 (F2)ink adopts a body friendly approach to solve this problem. The inkconsists of biodegradable dyes encapsulated in tiny polymer beads, andthe same traditional delivery methods are used to make a permanent F2tattoo from it. Removal is done using a single laser treatment thatbreaks down the beads in the ink, allowing the body to naturally expelthe dye contained within it.The tattoos created using this ink will be qualitatively the same asthe ones created now using traditional inks. Since the ink as such doesnot contribute significantly to the cost of getting a tattoo done, theadditional cost of the F2 ink will not prove to be a damper. To bereleased in early 2007, this ink promises to give you a second chancewithout pinching your wallet or skin.

Source: freedom2ink.comAdded: 9 January 2007

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