Multimedia keyboard

We've seen webcams attached to a bevy of unusual accessories, and we've witnessed keyboards that bend and slide in ways no board should, but USB guru Solid Year has combined both of these input peripherals into one handy device to tackle your wildest of multimedia dreams. The ACK-2230UMSP sports a mostly typical keyboard layout, complete with the English alphabet and full numeric keypad, but adds a dash of uniqueness by throwing in a flipout VGA webcam on the left side, volume slider, speakerphone, side-mounted headset ports, and even a bevy of multimedia hotkeys for use with multimedia / Skype functions. Of course, we hope you're digging the color scheme and key layout (including the wee backspace), as it's the only option you'll find right now, and to the bane of many, the Caps Lock key is also alive and well here.

Source: uberreview.comAdded: 9 February 2007