Drinking can with separated content

The FreshCan Wedge stores time- and liquid-sensitive ingredients that can now be held in a dry state to avoid contact with the beverage until the tab of the can is pulled, initiating the mixing process. The working principle of the FreshCan® system is very original. It is based on pressure difference. Opening the can results in an immediate pressure drop inside the can. Because of its special design and construction, the wedge can not quickly adjust to this sudden pressure drop, so its lid pops off immediately. The water sensitive ingredient is automatically released into the beverage, dissolves and is ready for consumption. The sound and fizz you hear are the active ingredients mixing with the beverage allowing for a fun user experience and the freshest, most powerful way possible for consumers to enjoy healthy supplements in an effervescent beverage on the market today. The clink, clink, clink you hear when you rock the can from side to side let's you know that the FreshCan Wedge' specialized delivery system is inside.

Source: freshcan.comAdded: 9 February 2007