Airborne video

IO2 Technology has completed a working prototypeof what the company is calling the Heliodisplay, a three-dimensionaldisplay that uses no screen whatsoever but can project TV, video andcomputer images into free space. The company's technology makes itpossible for users to walk around -- or even through -- the floatingimages projected into air.

The unit, which is about the size of a bread box, can project imagesas large as 27 inches and will have the ability to expand to 150 incheswith future releases. As far-fetched as it sounds, the device hasinteractive capabilities as well. Images can be manipulated just asthough they were displayed on a conventional computer monitor, butinstead of using a mouse, a viewer can use a hand to move an image or afinger to move the cursor and select an object.

Source: io2technology.comAdded: 6 June 2006