Smart cars

The human factor is the primary cause of road accidents. Researchers are now experimenting with WiFi technology to make cars talk to each other and to transmitters along the road, and to alert drivers of dangers such as an approaching vehicle at an intersection. The smart-car technology includes screens on cars' dashboards that flash red arrows when it's not safe to turn, while and warning arrows also appear on signs alongside the road. Making the driver more alert is what researchers at UC Berkeley are doing by using the latest WiFi technology. "Cars talking to one another, the environment or the roadside talking and listening to cars," Misener says. Smart cars are combining with smart roads. Transmitters along the road beam up wireless signals to a receiver on the car. An alert flashes inside the car. As a car approaches, the screen on a smart car's dashboard flashes a red arrow when it's not safe to turn. A warning arrow also appears on a sign alongside the road. This same system is used to warn a driver when it's not safe to enter an intersection. Vehicles can also transmit traffic and road condition information.

Source: sciencedaily.comAdded: 26 February 2007