Flexible colour screens integrated into clothing

In a bid to develop a new prototype for clothing which communicates with the surroundings, France Telecom has developed an integrated flexible screen to display animated graphics on the wearer.

Researchers at France Telecom have recently developed operational prototypes of flexible colour screens integrated into clothing, opening up new horizons for services that let users display images on the clothes they wear. An initial range of purpose-built garments has been created by designer Elisabeth de Senneville.

These flexible display screens usher in a new type of self-expression: the image a person wears personalises their clothes to reflect their particular surroundings, centres of interest, mood and potentially some new areas no-one has thought about yet. Displaying animated visuals on yourself considerably broadens the scope of personal communication by giving you the opportunity to instantly convey emotions or desires in a distinctly novel way, or proclaim your adherence to certain ideas, as is sometimes the case with printed T-shirts.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 6 June 2006