Flexible display

Philips Research has started producing prototypes of thin organicelectronics based displays that can be formed into a roll fortransportation and unrolled for viewing.

Philips has formed an internal start-up company, Polymer Vision NV,to prove the feasibility of such displays, but also to develop aprocess for volume production.

Currently Polymer Vision has the manufacturing capacity toproduce 5000 rollable displays per year, and it is in the process ofdefining a pilot production line. To speed up the industrializationPolymer Vision is looking for co-operation with technology partners andlead customers.

The displays combine active-matrix polymer driving electronicswith a reflective "electronic ink" front plane on a sheet of plastic. Aflexible 4.7-inch QVGA (320 by 240 pixels) active-matrix displaycontains 76,800 solution-processed organic transistors and 85 dpiresolution. In combination with electrophoretic ink display material,this results in a reflective, low-power display with a paper-likeappearance, Philips Research said. The display can be bent to a radiusof less than two centimeters, the research group added.

Source: siliconstrategies.comAdded: 6 June 2006