Folding bike

If you are like a lot of New Yorkers, you may have trouble finding a safe and dry place to put your bike at home. Your tiny apartment refuses to budge another inch, and the street seems to be the place bikes get left to find new owners. You may also want to ride to work, but parking is hard to find. If you try to take your bike into your building, the concierge looks at your bike as if it was a giant wheeled rat and refuses to let you onto the elevator. You may also long to take your bike along on a trip that requires transit, but cannot because of rush hour restrictions or outright bans on bicycles on trains or buses. The solution you are looking for might be a folding bike. Folding bikes can be taken with you right into your apartment, onto elevators, and into your office. This works particularly well if you also cover your bike so that no one has the chance to register "bike" and react to it.Folding bikes can also be taken onto transit at any time of day. All of those holiday bans and rush hour restrictions on Metro-North, LIRR, NJTransit, PATH and other transit services are not relevant to folding bike owners. Since a folded bike qualifies as luggage, even all buses are open to you, allowing you to enjoy the best of all worlds: full transit access and full bike access to the entire region. With the proper suitcase, a folding bike can even make plane trips with you.

Source: transalt.orgAdded: 6 June 2006