Koolshade is a screen of tiny bronze louvres that are installed in an aluminium frame on the outside of the window. The louvres are angled so when the sun rises, they block out the sun and provide your building with total shade, reducing temperatures and eliminating glare. Each louvre is only 1.27mm wide, so while KoolShade blocks 86% of the heat and ALL the direct sun it still provides perfect visibility to the outside. Each Koolshade screen is made up of hundred of tiny louvers, each inclined at 27°. As the sun's rays travel in a straight line at dawn and dusk when the sun is at an angle of 0°, light and heat enter directly into the building, however, as the sun rises in the sky, the screens block out the harmful effects of the sun. Once the sun reaches an angle of 40° Koolshade blocks 100% of the sun's direct rays.

Source: coopers-uk.comAdded: 13 March 2007