Pay your cell-phone bill by watching ads

This "innovative business model, the first of its kind, allows Orange customers to choose between the regular payment model ... and the new model, under which they will watch personal, interactive advertisement programs which will discount their bill either in part or completely," said Orange Programming and Marketing VP Iris Beck via a company statement.The amount of the discount depends on the number of commercials the customer watches."Advertisers are looking for new media, and ... the cellular platform is an all-purpose media, and as such, it has a high value for advertising," Beck continued."In the case of cell phone ads, your eyeballs can be more valuable to your provider than your ($2) on overages. In other words, they'll collect the money from the advertiser, so they aren't losing money on the deal at all, and you are effectively being paid for viewing their client's advertising message," New York marketing expert Rachel Weingarten told United Press International.

Source: physorg.comAdded: 21 March 2007