Electric water pump

The EWP is an electric water pump for automotive engines which replaces the mechanical belt driven pump. It has a smart controller that senses the engine temperature and then varies the pump speed, hunting for a target temperature onto which it locks.
  • Better fuel consumption
  • Better acceleration (top rev. range)
  • Smaller radiator
  • Less weight
  • Less emissions (faster warm up)
  • Less engine machining
  • Easier to assemble and align pulleys and belts
  • Smaller coolant volume
  • No need for mechanical water pump and pulley
  • No need for idler pulley or thermostat
  • Longer belt life• Less running time of electric fan
  • Easier to service and replace
  • Bigger head to sump temperature difference
  • Faster warm up

Source: hrpworld.comAdded: 6 June 2006