Nano-structures for non-reflective surfaces

The key technology of this process is the production of a master on the respective tool surface. The master must show a nano-structure which impresses in the following moulding or replication process the requested effect on the products. For this production procedure nano-porous aluminium oxide is used, which is deposited by an electrochemical process on the tool or master.

Because this process is of a wet-chemical nature, in a practical sense there are no limits with respect to the geometries to be structured: planar, convex or concave, arched, free formed - on all areas a up to nano-scale dimensions homogeneously structured surface can be produced.

Areas of up to 30 x 40 cm (DIN A3 format) have already been structured successfully. Aluminium oxide has ceramic like properties with respect to wear and tear. This affects the endurance of the tools in a positive manner.

Source: wtcm.beAdded: 2 May 2007