Smart Trash Cans

Electrical engineers have developed a system that identifies a recycling bin by its household, using Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) chips embedded in the bins. Bins are scanned and weighed right at the curb, and the system tallies credits for households that are above average for recycling, issuing "recycle dollars" that can be used at participating businesses for discounts.

Sensors in the garbage truck read the chip. Forks outfitted with scales weigh what's inside. The Smart Cart automatically records the information in computers. Each week you can go on-line, find out how much you've recycled and collect Recycle Bank Dollars. You can get coupons for anything from groceries, gas, clothes, Starbucks, travel agencies ... You name it, they got it!

Source: sciencedaily.comAdded: 7 May 2007