Vending machines to become mini factories

A UK company called WaterWerkz has developed a new type of vendingmachine that mixes, packages and dispenses beverages on-demand. Theidea for the PouchLink System as they call it was inspired by streetvendors in India who were selling water in plastic bags. The PouchLinkSystem is a similar concept and the inventors feel it's a moreefficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution than traditionalvending machines.

After the user selects their beverage filtered water pumped from aconnected pipe is mixed with a syrup or fruit concentrate. A pouch isremoved from a large flat packed spool and is then filled and cappedbefore being delivered to the customer. Not only does the new systemallow for different sizes of beverages to be ordered with differentsized pouches but it also means a vending machine can operate forlonger periods of time without needing to be restocked.

Source: 15 June 2007