Smart wheels

A modifiedMini, it has had components such as transmission and mechanicaldrivetrain removed to create an EV that incorporates independent quadelectric drive and traction control, plus anti-skid built into eachwheel. The EV also employs regenerative braking to recover energy.

The wheels will use micro- computers to perform 4,000 calculations asecond and communicate with each other. The AI will enable the systemto learn as the car is driven, making calculations and adjustmentsaccording to travelling speed and road conditions. This will givetighter control, a smoother ride and a safer drive, though the driverwill remain fully in control of the car.

The AI will manage thesuspension, steering and braking systems, teaching the vehicle to adaptto bends in the road, potholes and other potential hazards,compensating by adjusting the car's reactions.

The system willretain information in its memory and use it the next time the carencounters similar road conditions. This will allow it to respondfaster and improve the ride for the driver and passengers. The vehicletherefore learns as it drives and adapts its performance to suit whatit knows about the road.

Source: 6 July 2007