The LiveWire process combines expertly constructed 3D models of products and packaging, with intuitive user interfaces to deliver vast improvements in quality and productivity. LiveWire is a viable cost-effective alternative to conventional packshot photography, product mock-ups and new product visualisations.

LiveWireallows the creation of precise and detailed product replicas that willrevolutionise the traditional packshot and NPD industries. When ourdesigners have constructed your LiveWire model, you can access it using the custom designed LiveWireinterface. Once selected, you can manipulate your 3D product replica toany position before selecting the ideal view to be captured; just as ifyou were taking a high resolution digital photograph.
LiveWireis particularly beneficial in support of packaging innovation andduring critical launch periods, as digital prototypes can beprepared within hours, rather than days or even weeks as found usingtraditional mock-up, packshot and reproduction methods.

Source: livewirenow.comAdded: 24 August 2007