Concrete canvas shelter

The Concrete Canvas Shelter is a rapidly deployable hardened shelterthat requires only water and air for erection. It can be deployed bytwo people without any training in approximately thirty minutes and isready to use in twelve hours. The shelter consists of acement-impregnated fabric (Concrete Cloth) bonded to the outer surfaceof an inflatable plastic inner structure.

Prior to construction,the shelter is delivered folded in a sealed plastic sack. Once the sackis positioned and filled with water, the fiber matrix wicks water intothe cement, naturally controlling the water-to-cement ratio. The sackis cut open after hydration, and a battery-driven fan inflates theinner plastic lining, causing the structure to lift. After a durationof twelve hours, the concrete will have set sufficiently for use.

Thefibers of the Concrete Canvas fabric form a coherent matrix within theconcrete, providing tensile reinforcement and helping prevent crackpropagation. If desired, the shelter can be buried with over 0.5 metersof sand on the roof in order to provide increased insulation andprotection.

Source: 5 October 2007