The BioHarness system uses patented smart-fabric technology in adiagnostic tool that measures heart rate and respiratory performance.Because the harness is textile based, it provides increased performanceand comfort over traditional equipment. The device is small enough thatit does not encumber or change the behavior of the monitored subject,and it can either log a week's worth of activity or provide real-timeanalysis over its built-in radio link.

The BioHarness softwareoffers an array of real-time and trend-analysis tools. These optionsallow a coach or medical professional to monitor a subject'sperformance remotely between sessions. The software tools wirelesslyconnect to the harness and provide real time graphical display,wireless transmission to 100 m, and detailed records for comparisonsand further analysis.

Source: zephyr-technology.comAdded: 26 October 2007