Diet chocolate

Recently a number of functional chocolates have been launched, with benefits that range from heart health (through the use of soy isoflavones or Omega-3) to more general health and beauty claims (with polyphenols and anti-oxidants). Now, it appears functional chocolates are becoming even more advanced. In Japan, Oacac introduced Choco Lady, a range of chocolate pellets, which actually claim to actively help slimming by suppressing the absorption of fat. These small pellets of chocolate have crispy biscuit centres and are enriched with mushroom chitosan, a polysaccharide said to prevent the absorption of fat and help aid its expulsion from the body. For maximum effect, the consumer should eat five pellets before each meal, and the product is available in a seven-day or a thirty-day pack. This product is interesting as it works like a regular supplement, with the advantage of being a nice sweet treat, usually out of bounds for consumers trying to lose weight.

Source: Added: 14 June 2006