TLT represents the technology behind the principle of a usualgolfball dimples. A golfball with "Dimples" on the surface flies at 4times the speed of a ball with a smooth surface.

Transferred to other surfaces the TLT surface reduces theresistance from loss of currents by up to 35% and/or improves the heat transfer by up to460% in relation to smooth surfaces.

TLT represents, as it were, the invention of the "wheel" for air andwater, because each medium (air, water, the ground...) has a specificdensity. The greater the density, the greater the frictionresistance. Therefore one needs another "wheel" for each mediumaccording to its density.

By purposeful shaping of asurface one can produce stationarily responsible, small rotary eddies- similar to a Tornado -, remaining, in currents, which offer differentpositive characteristics:

First they lower friction resistance in the ungebenden medium by theirball bearing-like effect in a substantial extent.
Beyond that the permanently staying Tornadoes in a current can worksuch as suction trunks and thus warm-rising up particles or heavyparticles into the free current out centrifuges. Among other things arepeated increase of the heat transfer without negative flow influence exists.

Source: inventors-network.deAdded: 25 February 2008