Smart bra for breast cancer screening

Professor Elias Siores, inventor of the smart bra, saysit can detect cancer before the tumour can develop and spread into thesurrounding areas. It can also evaluate the effectiveness of any breastcancer treatment its wearer is undergoing.

The bra is being developed withsupport from international partners. Professor Siores says he expectsthe bra to go into manufacture within the next couple of years.

The smart bra works using a microwave antennae system device which can be easily woven into the fabric of the bra.

The antennae picks up any abnormal temperature changes in the breasttissue, abnormalities associated with cancer cells. Information abouteach breast is collected and transferred via conducting polymers. Aseparate controller unit analyses the information and sets off an alarmif the normal breast tissue temperature is exceeded.

Source: 30 April 2008