RES-Q Infant Reflux Wedge

The RES-Q Wedge is is a washable and reusable vinyl-covered foam wedge used for the management of infant reflux. Orthopedically designed, the wedge helps bring the shoulders slightly forward while providing good head molding. In addition, it helps place the cervical spine in a natural position. The wedge is also reversible. One side is designed like a parent's chest and is for "tummy time" to help strengthen muscles for gross motor skills. The other side of the wedge has a scooped out "nest" that offers containment and boundaries for newborns in addition to nice head molding. The accompanying RES-Q Sling is secured to the wedge via Velcro straps that attach within a "slit" in the wedge. The sling is adjustable up and down the incline so that the infant can be placed in the optimum position for comfort.

Source: inventorspot.comAdded: 8 May 2008