Rubbers with self-healing properties

This elasticity of rubber is a characteristic of the macromolecules from whichthey were composed, macromolecules consisting of an assembly ofmolecular motives linked by covalent bonds, in other words strong ties,and brought together in one network through physical associations suchas small, amorphous or crystalline domains, ionic bonds.

Scientists affiliated with the Ecole Superieure de Physique et ChimieIndustrielles in Paris have low mass synthesized molecules, which can formthemselves with hydrogen, meaning they have weak but reversible ties to form chains.

The materialis characterized by a reversible stretch of several hundred percent anda low flow under load, just as a classic, macromolecular, rubberachtigsystem. In contrast to the classical elastomers, they can liquify abovea certain temperature (130-150 ° C), which gives them an advantage inthe processing and recycle stage.

When the test pieces of broken or cut, they can return to their formerstate by bringing the two pieces together at room temperature. The(low) pressure must be held for at least 15 minutes before the piece canstretch to 100%. The recovery is complete after 18 hours. The piecerepaired in this way has its original stretchability and canreturn significant deformation conventions (up to 400%). The repairscan be done several hours after it has been damaged.

Source: techniline.sirris.beAdded: 9 May 2008