Miss Army Knife

So we've seen the Swiss Army knives that have tools specific to fishing, watchmaking, golfing, even mountain biking and snowboarding, but what about one for the ladies?

The Miss Army Knife is the all-in-one pocket tool for the girl-on-the-go. Encased in a pink (as opposed to the classic red) case, the Miss Army features flashlight, keychain, needle & thread, safety pin, corkscrew, mirror, pen, tweezers, perfume bottle, bottle opener, screwdriver, scissors, knife, ruler, nail file, and pill box.
Keep the Miss "A" in your bag and be Semper Paratus.
Technical Details

* Everything a girl could possibly need in a compact little kit.
* Lightweight Miss Army Knife comes with 15 must-have female emergency items.
* Includes a flashlight, needle and thread, nail file, scissor, pill box, mirror, safety pin, tweezer.
* Secret compartment to put an emergency bottle of perfume!
* Very easy-to-carry in your purse or on a keychain.

Source: amazon.comAdded: 5 July 2006