Insect-Repellent Apparel provides invisible defence

A range of clothing that incorporates insect repellent into itsfabric has been recognised by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)in the US. BUZZ OFF apparel is manufactured using a special processthat binds the repellent tightly to the garment, resulting in aninvisible, odourless layer of protection around the wearer.

TheBUZZ OFF process uses permethrin - a man-made version of a repellentthat occurs in chrysanthemums - as the active ingredient. Thissubstance is ineffective when used directly on the skin as it anddissipates quickly but when bound to garments it provides protectionagainst ants, flies mosquitoes and ticks.

The idea of integratingan insect-repellent into clothing has been developed by the USmilitary, with the obvious advantage being that unlike applying a sprayor cream, there's no need to continually re-apply the repellent.Research and testing of BUZZ OFF products in partnership with themilitary continues in an effort to widen the range of protection theclothing offers.

Source: 11 January 2006