Smart Fabric Technologies

Smart Fabric Technology¢ by Outlast is a certified space technologydesigned to balance temperature. This technology was originallydeveloped for NASA to protect astronauts against extreme temperaturefluctuations in space. Smart Fabric Technology is a microencapsulatedPhase Change Material (mPCM) called Thermocules®. Thousands of theseThermocules® can fit on the head of a pin. Thermocules® can be blendedinto compounds suitable for applying to fibres, fabrics and foams. Thedynamic temperature range that Thermocules® respond to is adjustable sothat they can be customized for use in a variety of applications. SmartFabric Technology¢ has the ability to interact with your body tobalance temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat that anindividual produces within a designed temperature to maintain comfort.

Source: outlast.comAdded: 12 January 2006