Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

About the size of a small Zipo lighter, (90x34x24mm / 3.5/1.5/1.0Inch), the VKB enables users to type texts or e-mails as easily as withan ordinary keyboard.
The Virtual Laser Keyboard(VKB) is the ULTIMATE new accessory for Blackberry, Smartphone and PDA,MAC or PC. The VKB comes with an elegant leather jacket, making it theperfect business gift (and just what you want to take out of your innersuit pocket in front of your surprised business colleagues...:-)
It uses a laser beam to generate a full-size perfectly OPERATING laser keyboardthat smoothly (or with our live 24h support center..) connects toMAC's, Smart Phones, the new Blackberry, Nokia (Symbian Series), anykind of PC and Most of the handheld devices (PDA's, tablet PC's).

Source: virtual-laser-keyboard.comAdded: 20 December 2009