Modular coffin

EveryBody Special is a new, low-cost wooden coffin created to meet extreme demand during emergency situations. This modular coffin is extremely easy to assemble. No tools, nails or screws are required – the pieces just click together. The standard material used is 12 mm plywood, and more environmentally friendly options are also available. Since they're lightweight and packaged in flat-packs (Ikea-style), transporting EveryBody coffins is very cost efficient: up to 570 extra large caskets fit into a 20 foot container. Combined with their easy assembly, this makes the coffins highly suitable for burial and cremation in disaster areas and epidemic situations. The company hopes to offer a more dignified, humane alternative to plastic body bags that are often the only option when large-scale disaster strikes.

Source: springwise.comAdded: 23 June 2006