Music + Houdini = Musini! Let your family create some musical magic inyour own home. The recipient of a 2003 Gold IDEA and numerous industryaccolades, the Musini is a unique, interactive children's toy, whichtranslates vibrations into music and pulsing lights. Kids will feellike heroes as the Musini responds to their spontaneous movements,tapping, and jumping.

Housed in a geometric shape with flowing curves and vibrant,contrasting colors, the Musini's large interactive buttons andcomponent placement are the perfect size for a child's operation, withhands or feet - and the lack of sharp edges is an added plus forparents. The Musini is the perfect size to sit on the floor toentertain a single child, or a group of children. The dual speakersgive balanced sound in all directions.

Engineered within a four-week period, the Musini is comprised ofrounded ABS plastic, styrene and polycarbonate, features colored,molded parts, and was engineered to withstand a weight of 250 lbs.

Source: rksdesign.comAdded: 11 July 2006